ASFW is Africa´s largest trade show for the textile, apparel and technology industry and the best platform for the sourcing solution in Africa.

Buyers are not “scared” any more of working with suppliers from Africa, they are now aware of the opportunities offered and they are used to work with them.

Manufacturers from African countries have made huge efforts to meet the US and European demand in term of quality, design, research and development... Buyers are now aware of it and are thus more open to this new sourcing as they know it is adapted to their customers’ requirements.

New technologies and new logistic tools have made it easier and faster to work with countries from Africa, there are no geographical limits any more.


International buyers and sourcing companies will meet with producers at the EXHIBITION.

Through the professional MATCHMAKING PROGRAM and B2B MEETINGS, both parties have the opportunity for detailed talks. The matchmaking will be organized through an upfront-meeting request.

Current situation and future scenarios will be discussed at the high level CONFERENCE with special international experts and governments.

Future Designs will be shown at SPECIAL SHOW AREAS.