Walk for Business

Walk for Business



As an independent or emerging fashion designer, few things are more intimidating than trying to sell yourself, and your designs, to a buyer.

The most important question the buyer will want an answer to is “what’s in it for me?”

  • Will your line speak to current customers?
  • Will it attract new ones?
  • Are you able to provide enough inventories for a large order?
  • Will you be able to keep up with demand if your pieces sell out faster than expected?
  • Ultimately, how will your line make money for the retailer you’re trying to sell to?

Selling into a boutique or small local retailer is a little straighter forward than jumping hoops and going directly to a department store. Starting small, especially with your first few orders is recommended when you’re just starting out.
Going ahead with a major retailer as a new designer without, perhaps, all of the kinks worked out, puts you at risk of having to provide enough merchandise to fulfil a large order on time. If you miss the deadline, you may lose not only the business but also your credibility with that retailer.

AFRICA SOURCING AND FASHION WEEK supports African designer through a promotion platform and brings them together with international buyers. Manufacturers who are ready to produce the ordered designs will be part of the triangle.


  1. Supports all selected designers developing a system for billing, shipping, manufacturing team, and a production timeline. Being organized will prevent mistakes in the long term.
  2. Supports in preparing samples which are sized, fitted, and matched up with the look books and line sheets.
  3. Supports preparing a marketing campaign in order to be able to promote your brand, as well as present it as a campaign, whether that is through a look book, line sheets, or a photographed campaign from a professional photo shoot.
  4. Supports in knowing which retailers to target so that all designers are sure to match their brand aesthetic with the concept of the stores they are presenting to. The collection shall match all of the retailers’ price points and represent a specific customer.
  5. Supports in knowing how to handle yourself. It may be difficult to predict how the buyers will respond or how the flow of the meeting will turn out, but being as prepared as possible will help you appear more professional.